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7 Top Tips for Better Office Management

30th April 2021

For so many of us, Covid-19 changed the way we worked and working from home has become the new “normal. Suddenly, we were responsible for our workspace, the hours we kept and the structure of our day. Whether it be a dedicated space or the kitchen table, how we manage the “office” has a huge impact on the working day and the level of productivity achieved. As an experienced office manager, here are my 7 top tips for better office management.

Structure your Day

No two days are ever the same, however, having structure to your working day means you can be 100% focussed on the tasks you have set. It also helps to reduce procrastination from setting in!

     • Schedule those tedious or mundane tasks into your diary.

     • Work out when you are most productive and do the harder tasks then.

     • Set a specific amount of time to work on each task to break things up.

Create Routines

If you want to stay organised and keep things running smoothly, the key is to set up routines for handling paperwork and office processes. Although we live in a digital age, there are still tasks that rely on paper. 

When I first started work, I was taught that every piece of paper that comes across your desk should only be handled once, acted upon and filed (and filed can mean the bin!) and it is a practice that I still use. This means that I don’t have an in-tray that is never empty nor piles of haphazard papers all over my desk which not only looks untidy but makes me feel disorganised.

Applying similar principles to digital communications such as prioritizing emails, acting on them immediately or flagging for future action and scheduling regular tasks, such as filing, accounts etc, each can really help with creating a routine and increasing your productivity.

Manage Processes

This is where an analytical mindset comes into its own. Creating processes that achieve the result you want in the most effective way is a key element in office management. However, it is always important to review these processes from time to time for two reasons: -

    • It enables you to stay compliant with regulation and reduce the risk of                   penalties.

    • You may discover better, more efficient ways of working which will save time        and money.

Clear Communication

Clear Communication is vital to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them and to avoid misunderstandings. Being able to adapt your communication style to fit different personality types enables you to relay your message effectively and efficiently.

Set clear instructions as to the best way your clients and team can get in touch with you during the day that will ensure the best response. Whilst you may not always be able to help with everything they need immediately, a clear structured process will lead to better communication in the long run.

Optimise your Workspace

    • Arrange your workspace to maximise space and efficiency.

    • Access as much natural light as possible

    • Decrease clutter, it only acts as a distraction

   • Clear your workspace at the end of each day. This will help you to declutter           both mentally and physically and help to increase your efficiency.


Keep up to date with the latest office equipment, apps and technology and use what will be most beneficial to you. Whether that be using Toggl to keep a track of your time, Dropbox for transferring files, or Appointfix for booking appointments. Choose the technology that best supports your productivity.


Consider where you need extra help and hire a virtual assistant who has that specific expertise to support you. Whether that be a social media company to run your Twitter account, a copywriter to write your blogs or reoccurring tasks such as admin, email management or mailings, all of which could be outsourced. Here at TV Office Management, we can help you to organise your work and lighten your load. Get in touch today and find out how we can achieve this together.

These are my top tips to help you manage your time more effectively and achieve the results you want. Have you got any tips or tools you use for productivity and efficiency? I’d love to know!